artist statement

My work could well be described as retro for the advanced and experienced observer. My paintings in general refer to issues like cultural politic design programs, inter-culturality, migration or urbanization, reproduced with preference to certain laid back design. Imagery in my work is often related to own impressions and experiences from travels or former residence projects in Hungary (2011), Berlin (2003), Zimbabwe Africa (2000) which get afterwards mixed up or reshaped in search for balance between involved engagement and critical distance.

Concepts of space in terms of the mental space of imagination and reflection, as well as the concrete pictorial painterly space itself are in the very heart of my work. Painting and drawing are my main points of focus, occasionally also installation. Photography and short films instantly play a role in the studio processes of my work by means of the archiving of impressions, try-outs for solutions, etc.

Occasionally in recent paintings I have transformed images, that are sometimes related to earlier works, into easy-to-read symbols expressing in a crypto-graphical way items that range from nomadic fiction and intercultural encounter to pseudo political design and Kafkaesque bureaucracy.

Ton Kraayeveld, 2014