artist in residenceproject TAO HUA TAN, CHINA

We are pleased to inform you that the international artist residency will take place in Tao Hua Tan, Anhui Province, China, from October 12 to 31, 2023. With these words, I was invited to participate in Tao Hua Tan 6th International Artists Retreat and Residency.

The residency



On October 12, I arrived at Peach Blossom Pool Arts and Holiday Riverside Resort in Tao Hua Tan, China together with over 60 artists from all over the world to participate in the project. Accommodation, workspace, materials, etc. were provided by the organization. Over the course of three weeks, the artists developed new works for the concluding exhibition Pain and Rebirth, which opened on October 30 at Hefei Kurame Art Gallery in Hefei, China.

New artworks made during the residency

The Tao Hua Tan a.i.r. project emphasizes the importance of meaningful and layered exchange and introduction to another culture, exploring connections between traditional and contemporary aspects. The beautiful river landscape where Peach Blossom Resort is located is a place of great cultural significance to China. One of the greatest Chinese classical poets, Li Bai (701-761), lived and worked as a poet in residence in Tao Hua Tan.