Now available: LABYRINTH Ton Kraayeveld

Publisher Jap Sam Books
Labyrinth is an exploration into Ton Kraayeveld’s ‘network in space and time’. The opening contribution by Bertus Pieters guides us through Kraayeveld’s oeuvre, his relationship to Modernism, the influence of his daily experiences and a net of well-known historical figures. A collection of exemplary paintings is accompanied by selected questions from an interview by Marie Jeanne de Rooij. Each question giving an opportunity to reflect, uncover and peak into the labyrinth of his oeuvre. Following is a text by Niek van Vugt and Madeleine Steigenga, admirers and collectors of his work. Ge van Steenbergen then briefly discusses a small green painting before a final contribution by Katja Diallo who explores the ever-constant presence of Franz Kafka throughout Kraayeveld’s works.
ISBN 978-94-92852-62-5
Price € 32,00
Text Bertus Pieters, Marie Jeanne de Rooij, Niek van Vugt & Madeleine Steigenga,Katja Diallo, Ge van Steenbergen
Graphic design Studio Renate Boere
Printer Oro Grafisch. Projectmanagement
Number of pages 304
Book size 17 x 24cm
Binding Softcover with dust jacket
Language English | Dutch
Release date September 2022
Made possible with the support of: Mondriaan Fund, Jaap Harten Fonds, Gemeente Dordrecht, crowdfunding Voordekunst