Wielwijk Billboards Project 2007

In commission of housing corporation ‘Woonbron’ Ton Kraayeveld designed three artworks for facades of apartment buildings at Wielwijk, Dordrecht (NL). These buildings are mainly inhabited by temporary labourers from Eastern Europe.

Ton Kraayeveld had himself inspired by Eastern-European architecture (‘Plattenbau’) from which he took repetive decorative patterns. In this architecture of department stores, blocks of houses and government buildings a certain utopian character could be recognized which is visualised in decorations with reminiscence of aspects of modernist early 20th century art or forms of spacecraft era.

In its concrete form the three billboards for Wielwijk present themselves as city jewellery or ‘Großstadschmuckstück’.

In colours, shadows and shapes a certain three-dimensionality is suggested. Of further importance is that the works are not surrounded by frames, but instead of that have the outlook of mounted objects.